Coffee Cup By Robert Norbury

Heartbroken Potwasher

Today’s office is Starbucks at Hartshead Moor, Service Station. Drinking out out of paper because the pot-washer is broken.

Having visions of a human pot washer sitting in a shitty room behind the scenes having a nervous breakdown or a heart breakage.

Image taken with Huawei P20 pro on Aperture setting at f0.95.  Processed in Lightroom Mobile using my own black and white high contrast pre-set and a little burning in.  I find getting a satisfactory image straight out of the phone impossible.  Same with a camera really.  If you want to learn how to do it get in touch.


2 thoughts on “Heartbroken Potwasher”

  1. Robert, I was that person doing the dishes on the night shift when it used to be Ross’s. We used to get picked up by an old, broken down coach on Commercial Street and whisked up to Hartshead before being assigned to either the east or the west side (not you, Tupac, sit down).
    Rose tinted specs say, ‘happy days’, working through the Summer before starting college, 1980.

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