Cloud Photographs. Equivalent to what?

I can’t really say why I photograph anything as I wander.  Something appeals or grabs me.  The photographs here weren’t taken as a project they have been culled from images taken since 2011.  I was inspired to put them together by the quote below from Haruki Murakami in his book IQ84.

‘He spent day after day feeling uneasy and muddled, liken someone who had swallowed a thick swatch of cloud’

Alfred Stieglitz made a series of cloud pictures a long time ago.  He called them Equivalents  a rather pretentious title I think, they’re clouds!  Some people talk about them as being the first ever abstract photographs.  I don’t think they are, in fact I don’t really understand how you can have an abstract photograph really. At best they are details of a real concrete subject.  Here is a link to a bunch of Stieglitz’s clouds

Here is a bunch of my cloud pictures. Click them to see them bigger and or a slideshow.