Presenting Past Pictures Perfectly

I am trying to put together a presentation for a talk to a school next week on the theme of Light and Dark using a retrospective collection of images.   One of the difficulties is not getting sidetracked when trying to look at old work without getting embroiled in editing it.  The tools available in the software I use for post production, Adobe Lightroom Classic have changed and I can now realise some fantastic pictures from the information available in old digital files effectively the modern negative.  The picture here is a prime example I love what I have been able to do now using the new tools.  The picture is also a selfie the beady eye at the bottom of the frame

I am available for one on one or small groups for tuition if you would like to know what I do.  Drop me an email there is a link on here.




Kindle No Competition for iPad and Some Reading Pictures by Me

I bought a Kindle Paperwhite because I thought that the bright screen of my iPad might be hindering falling asleep. In practice there is little difference in screen brightness when reading in the dark. The page refresh thing that Kindle does is really irritating and the page size annoyingly small. The refresh means that as you change page the screen goes black before you get the next page….every fucking time, I find this very distracting.

The Kindle is also limited in its connectivity, no browser, just Wikipedia and one dictionary.  Using an iPad or Android phone (Huawei p20 pro) the world is your lobster.  I like being able to look up references on Google instantly. Just hold your finger on what you want to research and you are away. Murakami for example has loads of references to classical music and jazz which I can listen to in a beat.

I still read paper of course I have received 2 books this week.

Here are some pictures that I have taken over the years involving the written word.  I find that too much explanation spoils what I am looking for in my work. I like people to enjoy interpreting what I do, most of it is capricious.  Yet I feel there always an echo there of something else.

Please let me know what you think of this blog, the art or the ramblings about Kindle. Click the pics to big ’em or slide ’em.