The Tate St Ives

I came to St Ives to be solitary, to think about blogging and my work.

Also to work out the WordPress apps. I have been solitary and tried to think of things to blog about. Of course my mind has been blocked. Until this morning I went to the Tate St Ives. A fabulous building. So I decided to produce a snippet from this trip as a taster.

All the shots were taken with the Lumix G90 which I absolutely adore. Matched with an Olympus 17mm f1. 2 lens. A great combination for the seaside as they are both dust and splashproof. I used the program mode for all the shots and varied the exposure using the exposure compensation feature using my thumb on the rear control wheel. One way for darker t’other for lighter.

I had spotted the woman in cloche hat earlier, I used focus lock again with my thumb to focus on the back of her head as soon as she turned..snapped the shutter.

The guy in silhouette was in the restaurant sitting behind me. Using wifi I pointed the camera rearwards. I was able to compose and take the shot with my phone without ever looking in his direction.

The pictures were then sent to my Huawei P20 pro phone by wifi and processed there in Lightroom.