Huawei P20 pro 320 feet Down Gaping Gill

On the 12th of August 2019 I did something I said I would never do, potholing. Well, kind of potholing I was winched 320 feet down into the massive Gaping Gill in the Yorkshire dales by members of the Craven Potholing Club. I felt safe throughout the whole process. I arrived in Clapham the night before and kipped in my camper in Clapham village in the street. The village itself is more than a little interesting for various reasons not the least of which is the fact that playwright Alan Bennett has a house there.

I was up at the crack of dawn to meet Lee Bosworth and Barb Hinchcliffe at 7 for the hour’s walk to the entrance of the cave. Barb runs a Facebook group Hiking Is a Lifestyle. I would recommend waterproof boots and full waterproof clothing.

We walked to Gaping Gill which is part way up one of the Yorkshire 3 Peaks via the Ingleborough Estate Nature Trail which I think costs a quid each.

The queue to enter the cave was about an hour an hour. The winch ride is quick, wet and exciting rather than scary. The cave was formed by water and you go in the same hole the water does. You can spend as long down there as you like.

I decided not to take a camera. I considered using my Lumix G90 and Olympus f1.2 lens which are both weatherproof and in hindsight I think they would have survived. All the pictures here were taken with my Huawei P20 pro. No waterproof case just as it comes. I shot in the normal photo mode at 40m pixels. I did try using the pro and aperture modes without much success. The pictures were imported into Lightroom on my phone and they then miraculously appear on my Macbook Pro in Lightroom.

Click one of the pictures to start a slideshow and to see the whole image.

When using a P20 pro phone camera if you hold your finger on the the screen 2 circles appear one locks the focus and the other with the lightbulb locks exposure. On the two screen grabs you can see the effect moving the exposure circle has on the picture. It simply moves the area where the light is measured varying the exposure. I used this feature underground quite a bit.